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Private Health Insurance Canada

Are you currently not covered with any Extended Health Insurance? No Group Health Coverage or Very Little is Covered? Researching Private Health Insurance Plans gets confusing.

As a Canadian Resident you are eligible to participate in your Provincial’s Health Insurance Plan. This plan will cover your essential health and emergency needs. However when you leave a physician’s office you may require items that aren’t covered by the Province or Territory.

Such things as Prescription Drugs, Dentist Visits, Medical Equipment i.e. Diabetic Equipment or Hearing Aids. These items add up over time and to cover them can sometimes come at the worst time financially.

Think for a Moment..

What if there was a better way to pay for your medical costs?

Have you put off going to the Dentist or seeing a  specialist due to no coverage?

When you have a Health and Dental insurance plan it adds to a complete Health Care Regiment for you and your Family.

 We can  find an Affordable Private Health Insurance Plans to meet your needs.

Private Health and Dental Insurance Plans can often be complex and require navigating  in order to get the best rate.

We clarify all your questions,find the right plan so that you can enrol faster and easier.

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    Drug Only Coverage will cover prescriptions drugs along with Extended Health Coverage.

    Includes Regular Checkups, X-Rays, Cleanings.Enhanced Coverage comes with Root Canal & Braces.

    Combines the Drug Coverage along with Dental Coverage.

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