Canadian No Medical Life Insurance

Have you been turned down for life insurance? Don’t want to have to go through a medical exam to purchase life insurance? If you need life insurance but are worried about not being able to qualify then you should consider no medical life insurance as an option.

What is No Medical Life Insurance?

No Medical Life Insurance is designed to provide a simple issue application process that requires no bodily fluids, medical exams or lengthy Doctors Reports. The process is designed to give you a No hassle and quick application.We ask you a few questions related to your medical background and issue the policy.

If you have been turned down or even rated by another carrier we work to make sure you get the amount of coverage you need for the things you need. Things like paying for your funeral, covering your family, the mortgage on your home, your child costs and education. These are some of many of the reasons it’s important to ensure you have coverage today.


Who should Apply For No Medical Life Insurance?

While anyone can apply for no medical life insurance typically you should consider this an option if you are:

  • Don’t Like medical exams
  • Worried your medical history may mean you’re ineligible
  • Don’t want to submit bodily fluids such as Blood .
  • Need Coverage Quickly
  • Prefer to fill out Questionnaire
  • Over the age of 40

What Ages Can Apply for No Medical Life Insurance?

People between the ages of 18 – 80 can apply for No medical life insurance.

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