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Group Conversion Plan

The following will assist you in finding a Group Conversion Plan to replace your Group benefits to Individual Health Benefits. There are a few common reasons you may no longer have group health insurance, for instance you may have been on a parent’s group plan and are no longer eligible. You no longer work at the employer or due to you reaching the employers max age for the group plan you find yourself not covered.

When you leave a group plan it’s important to know what options are available to you to continue coverage.

One of the first steps you can take is establishing what benefits you wish to have continued onto a personal plan.  Is prescription drug coverage essential? How about dental ? Do you need Chiropractor visits as a benefit?

Once you have an idea of this you will can then look at a replacement health insurance plan.

Private Health Insurance Plan

A Group Conversion Plan will  do the following:

  • Provide a transition from your group plan to an individual health plan within 60 days of losing coverage
  • Only Require a Provincial Health Insurance Card
  • Cover Pre-existing conditions
  • You can choose the Level of Coverage you Need
  • Provide Continuous Health Insurance Coverage


 Who should use a Replacement Group Conversion Health Insurance Plan?

  • Self Employed Individuals who left a group plan in the last 90 Days
  • Estranged Individuals who may have been on a spouse’s Group Plan
  • Workers Laid Off from their Job
  • Retirees
  • Children losing Parent’s Group Health Insurance

Which Insurance Companies offer Replacement Group Health Insurance Plans?

We currently offer the Manulife Follow Me Health insurance Plan and the GMS Replacement Health Insurance.

If you aren’t leaving a Group Health Insurance Plan and still need a Private Health Insurance Plan please see here.

To get a quote and sign up for a plan you can contact a specialist at 1 866 833 7992 to review your needs.

We have experience in transitioning people from group plans to individual plans and can help you select a plan. You can also receive a quote and apply for a plan here.

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