This Guide will cover converting Group insurance to an Individual Health Insurance Plan. It will discuss the process on keeping your Health insurance after leaving your current Group Health Provider.

When you leave a group plan it’s important to know what options are available to you to continue coverage.

A Replacement Group Health Insurance Plan will  do the following:

  • Provide a transition from your group plan to an individual health plan within 60 days of losing coverage
  • Require no medical questions just a Provincial Health Card
  • Cover Pre-existing conditions
  • Ability to choose level of coverage for your needs
  • Allow for Immediate Health Insurance Coverage
  • Provide Health Insurance for Retirees in Canada

Drug coverage typically is higher for these plans for pre-existing conditions. Also you have options to get more extensive dental such as endodontics.

Who Needs a Replacement Group Health Insurance Plan?

  • Newly Self Employed Individuals that left a group plan
  • Estranged Individuals who may have been on a spouse’s Group Plan
  • Workers Laid Off from their Job
  • Group Health Insurance Retirees in Canada
  • private health insurance plans


Does my  Individual Come with the same Coverage?

The plans we offer will have very similar coverage. The choices are set up to cover your level of need. All plans will cover extended health care such as massage, therapists, medical equipment and Travel.

You will then just need to select the amount of Drug or Dental Coverage.

replacement group supplemental health insurance

If you aren’t leaving a Group Health Insurance Plan and still need a Private Health Insurance Plan please see here.

To get a quote and sign up for a plan you can contact a specialist at 1 866 833 7992 to review your needs.

We have experience in transitioning people from group plans to individual plans and can help you select a plan. You can also receive a quote and apply for a plan here.

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