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5 Reasons You Should Consider Travel Insurance

travel insurance reasons Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Travel Insurance :


  1. Medical Coverage in a foreign country may have many reasons why access can be difficult. Having a Travel Insurance Policy you receive a Worldwide Phone Number for Emergencies that is there for you 24 hours 7 days a week.
  2. Help with the  high costs if you are in an Emergency that requires a medivac. Strongly recommend for Interprovincial Road Trips in Canada.
  3. Relief for Families Travelling Together, costs can be reduced for instance with a Companion Discount when Two family members 16 or over travel together. Other discounts may apply dependant on Travel Plan chosen.
  4. Losing your Luggage . The things we travel with can be very important to us such as a Laptop or a set of Golf Clubs , insuring them can be included with your Travel insurance Policy.
  5.  Have you ever had a flight delay for some unforeseen circumstance. Well a Travel Insurance Policy can pay for Extra Meals, accommodations, Telephone costs and more.

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