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Guide to Replacing Group Supplemental Health Insurance

Going From a Group Supplemental Health Insurance Plan to a Private Health Insurance Plan

Replacement health insurance

When you leave a group plan its important to know what options are available to you to continue coverage. This Guide to Replacement Group Supplemental Health Insurance will help.

A replacement Group Health insurance plan will  do the following:

  • Provide a transition from your group plan to an individual health plan within 60 days of losing coverage
  • Require no medical questions just a Provincial Health Card
  • Cover Pre-existing conditions
  • Ability to choose level of coverage for your needs
  • Allow for Immediate Health Insurance Coverage

Drug coverage typically is higher for these plans for pre-existing conditions. Also you have options to get more extensive dental such as endodontics.

Who Needs a Replacement Group Supplemental Health Insurance Plan?

  • Newly Self Employed Individuals that left a group plan
  • Estranged Individuals who may have been on a spouse’s Group Plan
  • Workers Laid Off from their Job

If you aren’t leaving a Group Health Insurance Plan and still need a Private Health Insurance Plan please see here. To get a quote and sign up for a plan you can contact a specialist at 1 866 833 7992 to review your needs. We have experience in transitioning people from group plans to individual plans and can help you select a plan. You can also receive a quote and apply for a plan here.