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Private Health Insurance – Compare Prescription Drug Plans

Private Health Insurance plans  vary in terms of amount of coverage, specific drug brand and the conditions are covered . It also varies on what additional benefits come with the plan such as. To compare Private Health Insurance we need to evaluate some of your primary needs for coverage.

When comparing Drug Coverage for a Private Health Insurance plan it’s important to know these things. Below we give a breakdown of these areas so that you can make an informed decision.


Amount of  Drug Coverage:

When purchasing a Private Drug Insurance Plan often you will look at the cost of the drugs you have and what each plan can offer under coverage. For instance under Manulife’s Cover Me Plans, coverage ranges from $575 in coverage to $10,000 in coverage. Now if you were to look at the level of coverage you would wonder why there is such a difference in coverage. The main reason for this is Pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing Conditions are one of the main factors for those interested in covering Prescription Drugs in their Private Health Insurance Plans.

Typically Drug Coverage for a pre-existing condition on a Private Health Insurance Plan won’t exceed $1000 unless you are moving  from a group plan to an individual plan and therefore purchasing Replacement Coverage.


What Types Of Drugs are covered?

A Private Health Insurance Plan will cover a prescription medication with a DIN (Drug Identification Number).

Most Private Health Coverage the Generic Version of the drug is covered. When there is no Generic version of the Drug the brand name would be covered.

What Conditions aren’t Covered?

Generally any Drug that has a DIN will be covered with some notable exceptions. Viagara for instance isn’t covered as well as Smoking Cessation Drugs aren’t covered. If you would like to know if a specific drug is covered contact us and we can find out if it is eligible on your Health Insurance Plan. We will compare private health insurance plans to find which is best suited for your needs.


What do I need to Apply for a Private Health Insurance Plan?

Provincial Health Card





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